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Thursday, May 5, 2011

+100 things that make me happy+ #7: cover songs

i started writing this a week or so ago, and finally got around to finishing it. important point: i finished it. hurray!

oh. snap. nitty-gritty time.

see, when i made this list, i just wrote stuff down (see: typed) and numbered everything. and then when i started writing about each item on the list, i went in numerical order because i have just enough of an OCD tendency to be really annoying and not allow myself the luxury of skipping about the list all willy-nilly. much like the manner in which you can't fight the gorgetron.

so while everything on the list makes me happy, there are some things on it that make me really happy, and cover songs are one of those things. (it feels weird to speak plurally about a singularity, but OH WELL GRAMMAR MCWRITEGOOD, take two interrobangs and call me in the morning. i'll be drunk)

i've always enjoyed cover songs, though for the most part with the same kind of passion i felt for other songs; it wasn't until fairly recently that i developed a real keen interest in them. so much so that i started a (neglected at the moment, i need to get on that once i'm off your mother {LOL}) blog about them, focusing more on the ironic variety, i.e, a death metal group covering ace of bass' "all that she wants". another baby, by the way. that's all she wants. she's not very deep, that one.

oddly enough, a lot of my favorite covers end up being songs that i didn't know were covers. the killers doing shadowplay, nine inch nails and dead souls, nirvana and where did you sleep last night?... totally in the dark here.

that's why i really should get back into my covers blog, because it was in researching other songs that i discovered the origins of those, and a bunch more. i have a whole big nirvana cover/covered retrospective that i need to finish up and post for the delight of all, and for my own personal self-edification. that and i need to continue with things and not let them slip away. but that's for another discussion.

a couple of favorites from my blog:

send me an angel:
first is cover. skip forward for original.

livin' la vida loca
first song is cover. skip forward for original.

*(totally unrelated: my cat just got drool all over my arm. she has this adorable habit she picked up as a kitten, of suckling on fluffy objects and kneading her paws. she did that to the sleeve of my robe that i happened to be wearing, and i ended up with a puddle under my typing wrist. so cute)


  1. it is my firm belief that there aren't enough songs with kazoos these days.

  2. Much as I'm loathe to pick your or anyone else's nits, a small correction is needed here. You can, in fact, fight the gorgetron willy-nilly.

    What you cannot do is fight the gorgetron with YOUR KEYS willy-nilly.

  3. i actually thank you for picking my nits, as they are disgusting and i don't like them. AND you're totally right. thank you. <4

  4. Yay for cover songs! Especially ones done in a different genre than the original. Did you ever hear Travis' Britney Spears cover?

    Also: did you know that China Girl - a song everyone probably associates with David Bowie - is in fact a cover of Iggy Pop? I kinda like Bowie's version better - much to the chagrin of my ex-husband the music geek. According to him, the original version of a song is always the best one by default and it's blasphemy to prefer a different version.

    But it's okay. We're divorced now. :)

  5. aww, i love covers of "baby, one more time"! dweezil and ahmet zappa did a pretty good one, and mike patton from faith no more did a very silly one live... i, however, am a sucker for accents, so the one you posted just shot up on my list.

    and without knowing anything else about your situation, i bet you're better off with someone who isn't such a purist. purists tend to not think outside the shiny, squeaky clean box. ;P

  6. I do in fact have a boyfriend now who's good for me in pretty much every way ever. And my ex has someone who's better for him, too. Yay happy endings!

    Heh heh. "Squeaky clean box" heh. :D

  7. ahahaha, i see what you did there!