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Thursday, August 25, 2011

+100 things that make me happy+ #17: pinup, erotic, and boudoir photography

name me a person in this world who hasn't questioned their sexuality, and i will retort with "shut up."

it's an odd way to start a blog post, and also semi-inaccurate: i am wired for wiener. which i guess makes my liking of nudie photography more confusing. girls are just... they are pretty to look at. they're soft and curvy and they get all the cool underwear and hair and makeup and they're just fun. period. boys, on the other hand, look... awkward. or cheesy. or disconcerting.

however, if having a tumblr account has taught me anything, it's that kids love their harry potter. er, wait, no. it's taught me that cameron is better than damien. wait, no, who? shit. what has tumblr taught me?

OH YEAH, ok. it's taught me that it's ok to find things aesthetically pleasing and it doesn't make you a perv. so here i am, liz, 29, los gatos, saying: i like to look at girls.


(a caveat: the following blogs may or may not contain some "doing". you know, that kind of doing)

i follow a few tumblrs that deal primarily with the aforementioned photography genres: (i don't know if ghostery is screwing with the layout or if i'm blind or if the person who runs this tumblr just forgot, but i can't find the navigation links on this one. if it truly appeals to you, check out the archive) this one is especially good, it's a favorite of mine and my guy.

and not a tumblr, but definitely a site everyone should check out for a delightful mix of poetry and pinup: poetic pinup, featuring the lovely and talented harlean carpenter.

so, yeah. now to just get the fuck over my little tiny artistic roadblock (how many years now? seven? eight?) and get back into painting. and not feel like a weirdo whilst doing it.



  2. Links I daren't click while at work.


  3. but you are not at work all day! ha HA!

  4. Sometimes it feels like it. I don't spend a whole lot of time on the Interweb when I'm at home, but those sites are on my higher priorities now. :)

    Wimmin = beauty

  5. Definitely with you on the love of pin-up photography and art! I do think that men could make equally appealing pin-up subjects, though, if anyone would bother to try.

    Sadly, there's a distinct lack of seximafied pictures of dudes out there (or at least dudes that I find attractive). I plan to fix this. :D

  6. for me, there's safety in women, because i am one. there's no threat, and from an artistic standpoint, if i can't figure out an angle or a curve, i just look in the mirror and go "oh, yeah". but i am also a frooty-loop and a bit of a wuss.

    give us cheesecake men! wait, wow, could you paint a guy with a cheesecake? that would be so awesome...

  7. I will most definitely consider painting a hawt scantily-clad guy with a cheesecake! And maybe a puppy, too, because that would be the holy trinity of awesome right there.

  8. Here you go. The best ones are toward the end.