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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

there is something to be said about liking yourself enough to not need everyone else to like you. but it seems so hard. does anyone really feel that way, completely?


  1. I think its good to have at least one or a few people that like you, but to hell with the masses.

    Most randoms out there are worthless and only get in the way of meeting the people that count.

    Think of you being liked as an invitation to let what someone says to you mean something, how many random assholes would you give such a special gift to?

  2. A long time ago I decide to take a good look at myself and decide if I was someone that I would think was cool.

    Imagine meeting yourself, and thinking " this is a cool ass motherfucker right here" not to mention into all the same cool shit, and hangs out with some cats that you also dig.

    The problem is that if you truly love yourself, and are the greatest person in the world, since there is only 1 greatest, everyone else by definition will be a disappointment, and not as cool as you are. So you have to learn that everyone else is lacking, and you will have to deal with it, or be constantly disappointed by holding them up to the high standard that you have set by being the best.

  3. In my experience, people who don't care if anyone likes them are sociopaths (literal, clinical sociopaths. I'm not using the word facetiously). But of course, caring too much about the opinions of others is also unhealthy.

    I'm at a point in my life where I feel like I'm an interesting/talented/smart/fun person and if someone doesn't seem to like me, I can rationalize it as either a random clash of personality types or them being a jackass.

    But I still squeal when a new person follows my blog or likes me on Facebook. :D

    A person who doesn't care at all if anyone likes them is a sociopath - I'm not even being facetious here, I mean they are actually mentally ill - and just fucking horrible to be around. Although they don't care that they're horrible to be around, and to be honest some days I envy that freedom.

  4. Wow, I needed to edit that comment more carefully. Kinda went full circle, there.



  5. the reasoning behind this little blurb was soooooo amazingly lame that i'm kind of embarrassed that i indulged in posting it, heh. you guys are both right, of course, and everyday i get better at not letting random people affect me in ways that only really close people should.

    and i can turn other people invisible. but only in my sleep. and when they are asleep.